We delve into the Age of the Customer to explore how organisations can become customer centric and why it is so vital to ensure a thriving customer

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CMO leadership must be rooted in the wider business strategy while providing an aspirational, forward-looking perspective. To bring all the elements of a marketing vision together, successful CMOs address both cultural and operational perspectives within the marketing organization. 

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Differentiate your brand to compete more effectively

Brands that outperform peers share a common set of characteristics, including a focused growth strategy, strong value proposition and differentiated market positioning. Discover the insights, best practices and advice to help you build a world-class brand.

Use market insights to drive better digital business decisions

How do successful marketers evolve the market insight function to deliver more value while maintaining efficiency? Learn how market insight leaders face high expectations and new competition as their business partners manage the pressures to deliver growth and competitive advantage in a digital age.

Build a sustainable content supply chain aligned with business goals

Marketing teams spend roughly 30% of their budgets on content creation to feed a wide range of engagement initiatives, from advertising and content marketing, to product marketing and sales collateral. Yet less than 40% of marketers who engage in content marketing have a defined and documented strategy.

Capture your audience with the right search strategy

Search advertising and SEO are critical to building and maintaining brand visibility and interactions with customers and prospects. To fully exploit search’s potential across traditional search engines and platforms such as e-commerce sites and app stores, leading marketers invest in the tools, channels and capabilities that enable them to guide customers through every brand touchpoint.

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Strategy + Insights:

If you form a strategy without research, your brand will barely float … and, at the speed industies move at today, brands sink fast.

Organisations that generate and utilise in-depth customer or market insight have a competitive advantage. They offer more relevant products and services to customers and are better prepared for external changes.