Recycling and Waste Management

Solutions for Businesses, and Local Authorities

Ensure the secure disposal of your unwanted ICT equipment and paper (usually contains confidential information) waste using our world-class electronics and data disposal service. 

We currently offer secured disposal and destruction of your redundant IT equipment and old electronics from anywhere in Poland. Our services are offered to small and large-scale businesses and we work with local authorities as well. 

What we collect

We aim to prevent WEEE going to landfill by encouraging its reuse, recycling and recovery so as to minimise its disposal. To achieve this, we adhere to a system which provides for the management of WEEE using best available treatment, recovery and recycling techniques. The cornerstone of our ICT recycling and computer disposal activities is to ensure that such operations are carried out in such a way that environmentally-sound re-use and recycling of components or whole computers and IT equipment is not hindered, taking into account not only safety but also environmental considerations and the desirability of reuse and recycling. 
Electronic waste in London is the main cause of 70% of the overall toxicity.

Recovering waste as secondary raw materials

We are experts in different waste recovery methods to suit your constraints and environmental challenges:

Bespoke solutions and savings by recycling your materials as energy or in biological or organic form.

Sorting centres and waste recovery platforms. Advanced technology means they can treat a wide variety of hazardous and non-hazardous waste streams: biowaste, paper/cardboard, plastic, wood, ferrous/non-ferrous metals, commercial and electronic equipment, industrial waste etc.

Expertise in specialised “downstream” channels and sales networks for recovered waste.