/ reel: 

We solve our clients’ toughest challenges by providing unmatched services in optimizing their business processes.  

Our expertise include a wide-range of capabilities in advisory services, energy & infrastructure,  and  recycling & waste management. 

We combine a holistic approach with deep and practical industry knowledge to help our clients meet challenges and respond to opportunities.

/Who we are: 

By unlocking the potential for growth in our people, clients and our communities we believe we can help shape a vibrant economy for the Euroasian markets. 

/What we do: 

Advisory Services:

Our advisory services are designed so as to support business managers and owners in continuous business transformation and organisational improvements.

By being an independent provider, we offer an impartial view necessary to evaluate the success factors for functional departments in an impartial and holistic manner.

Depending on your needs, the scope of our support may range from mere process description (mapping), through identifying areas for improvement, all the way to detailed optimisation packages and complete implementation of new solutions.

Energy & Infrastructure Services:

Our dedicated energy and infrastructure team specifically assists with the inception, funding, valuation, planning, development, management and trading of energy and infrastructure assets. As an energy or infrastructure project moves from concept to construction, our specialists guide clients smoothly and productively every step of the way.

We work for a range of clients, from developers to consumers, and investors to landowners, helping them to take advantage of opportunities in creative, efficient and cost-effective ways.

Traditionally, we have worked with clients to help to source, fund, deliver and monetise their energy assets and infrastructure.

Recycling & Waste Management Services:

Waste sorting, recycling and recovery require expertise and the capacity to adapt technology to the challenges posed by materials and their conditions for reuse.

We treats many types of commercial waste using a cost-cutting approach aiming to save resources and reduce environmental footprint.

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